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New Product Release: InterOp Prison Management System

The Georgia County Prison software market was new for SSI. In 2016, we were approached by Warden Robert Jones, of the Carroll County Prison, to come and speak with his staff about the absence of solutions in the market that could truly meet their needs. SSI partnered with Warden Jones, previously Chief Jones, at his former agency to implement our InterOp Records Management and InterOp Mobile Data Solution suites. The project was a great success, and the goodwill generated from that partnership led Warden Jones to think of us when faced with his prison’s software challenges.

We met with Carroll County Prison staff, hoping that our existing InterOp Jail Management Solution would be ideal for their needs. We quickly realized this solution was the proverbial square peg in a round hole, the same as most vendors have approached county prisons with. It was evident that this County Prison market needed its own product suite, focused on the unique responsibilities of County Prisons. Most companies wouldn’t dare delving into the development of an entirely new software suite with a total possible market of 20 new clients, but SSI did. Why? Because we truly pride ourselves in designing solutions to make life more enjoyable for users. And, as Georgians, we are part of these communities, and their success is our success.

The InterOp Prison Management system is designed around the needs of Georgia County Prison Facilities, filling the gaps left by the GDOC Scribe system, and providing agency users and administrators the rich feature set required to adequately manage all of their custodial responsibilities, while providing powerful financial analysis of the facilities value and benefits to the local community. We are excited expand our product suite and offer InterOp Prison Management to Georgia's County Prisons!

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