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The InterOp Online Help Center

At SSI, we are committed to ensuring your continued success using your InterOp products.

We know that new hires or users who have changed positions may need to be trained on how to properly use different modules of their InterOp system. Sometimes, even seasoned users need a refresher course. That's why in March of 2020 we rolled out monthly webinars.

Each month a member of our training team will walk users through a different module in the InterOp Suite. Available classes are posted to our events page and updated regularly! These webinars offer attendees a real time guided training session with an InterOp Pro an closes with a Q&A session with the trainer. All webinars are recorded and then uploaded into our Online Help Center.

The Online Help Center is a special place on our website for registered InterOp Users Only. This password protected page is the gateway to a vast array of user guides and training videos for all of the InterOp Product Suite as well as a special section just for NIBRS! While this section is still in its infancy, it is growing rapidly so be sure to check it out regularly for the most up to date information.

While the Online Help Center can be a great tool for new users or a quick refresher, sometimes you just need a live person. Headquartered in Temple, Georgia, the InterOp Support Team is second to none and stands ready to assist with any questions you may have. 

Give them a call, day or night at 888-7-GETSSI for live support.

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