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Client Testimonials

We have been a customer of SSI for approximately 10 years, utilizing the InterOp Mobile Data suite, LPRs, and InterOpRMS for all of our in-house needs to include reporting, evidence room maintenance, court and State Certification reports.


The software is extremely user friendly and is built with the “Street Cop” in mind, which my guys love. The customer service provided by SSI is as impressive as their product.


Over the years, they have always responded quickly to any issues that may have arisen and got us back up and running. If the issue couldn’t be resolved right then, I usually received a call from Cary Reno himself to discuss the situation.


Even as a smaller Department the people at SSI have NEVER treated us as if our business didn’t matter. In my opinion SSI provides the best BANG for your BUCK out there and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a very stable, user friendly system that is backed by top notch customer support and customer service.

We currently utilize SSI's records management, Livescan, Criminet, and Mobile Reporting. These products have greatly helped the Department in the area of productivity and has streamlined our data processing.

SSI has always accepted our request for support in a professional and timely manner. Most issues are handled within minutes.

On site experience has always been flawless. The technicians always make sure all your questions are answered and that you are comfortable with the product.

InterOp CAD is a great CAD system that has improved work flow between our call center and the public safety agencies that we serve.


The system is very user friendly. New employees are able to navigate and use it proficiently, within a few hours of mock call drills.

The mapping feature is one of many outstanding features that our center uses. We are able to identify the closest asset to a call, thereby reducing response time from LEA and getting the caller help faster.

Customer service is fast, reliable, courteous, and makes you their priority when you need them.

You are not just a number with SSI. It’s obvious you are important to them. They are an extremely reliable company with outstanding products, and extremely knowledgeable and dedicated support team that keeps our CAD system running problem free.

Hands down the best.

Switching to SSI from our last software provider, was a breeze with the help and assistance of the excellent staff.

Understanding that all agencies are different, they were willing to customize their software for specific things that our agency requested.

InterOp CAD has pushed our communications division into the next level of public safety dispatching. The CAD system and the Mobile devices interact with each other. This assists in keeping our deputies safe and informed while responding to calls for service.

Best Record Management, CAD. and, Mobile software available. 
Service and support team is available 24/7 to help whenever we need it.


If you look up customer service the definition is Synergistic Software Inc. This company should start teaching other companies what customer service is.


The members of the SSI family are eager to help anyone they can. Not to mention they have an awesome product line and back it 100%.


Any company that partners with SSI should feel honored to have such great people on their side. Thank you for all that you do at SSI!

Great software! Very user friendly, support is awesome! 

Best CAD / MOBILE / RMS / & CRIMINET system I have used in my 21 years of working with Law Enforcement!


Sheriff’s Office puts new computer system in place to help fight crime:

The deputies can write citations, do incident reports, check status’ of people through GCIC, just different things like that inside their terminal inside their car!

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