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Fixed LPR Proof of Concept Site: City of Brookhaven

Last year, SSI partnered with Georgia Power and Vigilant Solutions to bring Fixed License Plate Readers to Georgia Cities in an effort to help reduce crime in our communities. In October of 2017 SSI began installation on the pilot site in Brookhaven, Georgia. Brookhaven purchased 44 cameras which were installed on 27 light posts throughout the city, in high traffic areas.

Through our partnership with Georgia Power and Vigilant Solutions, SSI installs and maintains these cameras which capture the license plates of vehicles passing through the town. Captured plates are then run through state and national databases of wanted or stolen vehicles. These devices are an ideal solution for cities and home owners associations looking to lower crime rates. The City of Brookhaven Police Department has already seen great success, recovering 5 stolen vehicles within the first week of installation.

Through this partnership, we bring our clients a better way to proactively prevent crimes while offering the affordable option to lease the system directly through their power bill each month! Call us today to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

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