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Full Featured - Scalable

The InterOp Prison Management system is designed around the needs of Georgia County Prison Facilities, filling the gaps left by the GDOC Scribe system, and providing agency users and administrators the rich feature set required to adequately manage all of their custodial responsibilities, while providing powerful financial analysis of the facilities value and benefits to the local community.

 Some Key Features of InterOp Prison Management System Include:

Facility / Inmate Management

Inmate Intake with live mugshot capture

Classification / Medical Observations

Inmate Activity Log

Gang Association and Photo tracking

Inmate Visitation Console

Inmate Alerts, Keep Separates, Agency Lay-ins

Inmate Incident Reporting

Inmate Skills Management

Inmate Property Management

Facility Evidence/Property Management

Robust system reporting

Inmate badging, property tags

Active Inmate Counts and Facility Events view

Jail / Detail Log Rapid Entry Console

Powerful Activity and Log Event Management with workflow automation

Batch Activity Console

Work Detail Management

Work Detail Crew Management

Work Detail Crew Inmate Assignment Wizards

Inmate Skill Tracking

Skilled Labor Rate Assignment

Daily Work Detail In / Out console, barcode enabled

Work Detail Value tracking

Work Detail Budgeted Performance tracking

Work Detail Vehicle / Crew GPS tracking

Live Crew Monitoring (status, location, logs)

Work Detail Vehicle GPS location replay




Inmate Phones

Guardian RFID

Want to learn more about how the InterOp Prison Management System can help your facility accomplish its mission?  Schedule your onsite demonstration today by calling:

770-845-3134, or by email at

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