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Live Earth: The Most Advanced Mapping Tech for Your Ops Center

At SSI we strive to bring our clients the best and most up to date technology available. We make it our mission to ensure our Law Enforcement partners are able serve their communities as quickly, as easily and as SAFELY as possible. In keeping with these goals, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered Live Earth to bring you the best in real time mapping!

Live Earth is an IoT visualization platform that comes with out-of-the-box features that provide users with actionable insights. Live Earth is perfect for Law Enforcement, Emergency Management Agencies and Stadium or Large Venue Directors alike.

In time critical moments, the ability to visualize your existing data streams and systems on a single screen enhances awareness and empowers you to make time-sensitive decisions quickly.

Officials looking for a solution that gives them deeper insights can leverage these features:

  • Alerts provide real-time notifications when a predefined event is triggered to empower officials to take action faster with greater information. Learn more here.

  • The video wall feature allows users to create customized layouts that can be named and saved for immediate retrieval and used alongside other video walls. Learn more here.

  • Use the shapes feature to draw attention to a particular area or create boundaries that can be used to create customized alerts. Quickly identify areas of interest by outlining them on the interactive map. Learn more here.

  • Seamless integration from multiple data sources, sensors and systems such as:

o InterOp® CAD

o Shot detection alerts

o Police surveillance cameras

o DOT Traffic Cameras

o Private Security Cameras

o Real-Time Weather and Traffic Alerts

o Building Schematics

o Social Media Feeds

  • Live Earth's unique ability to visualize time series data in sync is especially powerful during natural disasters. Learn more here.

  • Live Earth’s interactive timeline allows users to Play, Pause, and Rewind and works like at-home DVR, making it easy for executives to conduct after-event reports. Learn more here.

Ready to hear more about how Live Earth may be able to help you Community? We would love to sit down with you and discuss the needs of your community.

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