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InterOp Mobile v5.0.6.8

This week, your SSI Support Team began rolling out the latest version of InterOp Mobile. If your agency has not already been updated, you can expect a call from a member of the support team scheduling your roll out in the coming weeks.

This update features exciting new updates like:

  • The New Misdemeanor Arrest Form (HB 407)

  • Updated Criminal Trespass Form with NCIC imports

  • New Mobile Supplement Module

  • Ability to Toggle Mobile units on/off

Also releasing with this update is an RMS update which includes the new Quartermaster module! Agencies can now maintain inventory using a bar code system similar to that of our existing Evidence Module. This updated module allows users to track expiring items like ballistic vests, track deployment and usage for grants and provides for better overall maintenance of your assets. This module uses the same bar code scanner and inventory tags currently used in the InterOp RMS Evidence Module. Additional scanners may be purchased through our online website. Be sure to use promo code WEBORDER15 and save 15% when you purchase online!

Click here to read view the full Release Notes about this update.

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