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What's New in InterOp?

As technology rapidly changes, so too do the needs of public safety agencies. The InterOp Team works diligently to ensure your software provides users with the tools to keep them safe and efficient while serving the community.

Over the past few months the InterOp Development team has been adding a few new items to the InterOp Tool Belt. Here's what's new in March:

Mobile Civil Process

Now deputies can quickly log service attempts for civil papers directly from their InterOp Mobile! No more radio traffic for status updates. RMS users can simply log on and view details of service history and notes. Filter and Sort by Zone, Assigned Users and more! Stay tuned to our events page for upcoming training.

Dragon Speak to Text Integration

It's difficult to type a report narrative or approval notes from the vehicle and maintain awareness around you. With Dragon Law Enforcement, officers can quickly and safely perform various tasks in their InterOp Software. Tasks like entering narratives, updating unit locations or even chat messages can all be done by simply talking into the microphone. Dragon's technology transcribes your verbal commands, directly into text fields across many platforms. With Dragon Law Enforcement, your officers to spend less time on paperwork, and more time keeping the community safe!

While these devices and licenses are not provided by SSI, they do work very well with your InterOp Product Suite. Come see us at the next conference to see how it works!

New Updates from the NIBRS Transition Team

The transition to NIBRS has been an adjustment for us all. Over the past six months we hosted 15 training seminars and emailed many news blasts as updates have come out regarding NIBRS. We remain dedicated to helping you through this transition.

On February 21st the NIBRS Transition team hosted its final training session via webinar. You can find this webinar as well as important updates and other helpful information on our new NIBRS page.

Monthly InterOp Training

Beginning this month, the InterOp Training Division brings the training to you! Each month a member of our training team will walk users through a different module in the InterOp Suite. Be sure to check out our events page for upcoming webinars!

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