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Featured Module: InterOp Evidence Management

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Did you know that your InterOp RMS includes a full featured Evidence Management Console? Gone are the days of Excel Workbooks or un-integrated, standalone Evidence Management Systems. InterOp users already have access to a full featured and fully integrated system located under the Investigations menu.

The InterOp Evidence Management Console boasts a full toolkit to help your Property and Evidence team meet and exceed the standards set forth by various certification boards. Key features of InterOp Evidence Management include:

  • Barcoding

  • Chain of Custody Management

  • Batch Chain of Custody Updates

  • Linked Files

  • Integrated Mobile Property Receipts

  • Evidence Case View

  • Evidence Reconcilliation

  • Internal Notes

  • Property and Evidence Reporting

InterOp Evidence Manager is designed for use with the Code Corp CR2600 2D Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth. This palm style scanner includes an internal battery for use in offsite locations.

Your InterOp Evidence Management System also utilizes pre-printed barcode labels from ParCode. These custom polyester labels are made with a durable 2 mil clear polyester laminate to ensure solid adhesion to items under your care.

Customized with your agency's name and information, our labels are typically ordered in rolls of 1,000 single labels. They can also be ordered in duplicates allowing custodians to affix one label to the property and/or evidence and one label to paperwork.

Registered InterOp users can access the full InterOp Evidence Management training guide, as well as other quickstart guides and user manuals by visiting the InterOp Online Help page.

Are you ready to get started using the InterOp Evidence Management Console? Don't miss our April 2020 Training Webinar. Register today!

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2 comentários

Shannon Shore Garza
Shannon Shore Garza
01 de abr. de 2020

Thanks for letting us know you could not view the Evidence Quick Reference Guide. It should now be visible under the Help section referenced above.


01 de abr. de 2020

I don't see the Evidence Management guide in the help page. **Edit** Yes, it's there now.

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