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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Mar 24, 2020


As the outbreak of COVID-19, or coronavirus, continues to evolve and further disrupt many aspects of our daily lives, SSI is taking steps to adapt our operations to meet this challenge. We remain dedicated to the mission of supporting our many agencies and users and understand that the luxury of “shutting down” doesn’t exist for our extended public safety family, and it is therefore not a luxury for us. However, we also know that changes in how we deploy our staff and resources has a great role to play in accomplishing that mission as well.

Starting March 24, 2020, most of the SSI staff working in our Temple, GA office will be working from home. This includes most of our phone support staff, however, we have implemented changes within our office phone system to allow this new model without having to change our support processes. Should you need assistance, you will still call the same numbers or utilize the same emails to reach us. We are doing everything we can on our end to ensure that the we can deliver the same level of support as always.

We will be limiting site visits for both sales and training and will be utilizing common place web-meeting tools at every opportunity.

We remain encouraged by the steps our communities are taking to avoid unnecessarily making the COVID-19 threat worse. We pray for the well-being of our public safety personnel, and their families, who continue to serve at the front line of this threat.

We will all get through this together.


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