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Conference season is in full swing and our team is loving every minute of it! Not only do we get to meet some great new people with every conference, but we get to spend some time with our existing clients. There is nothing better than reconnecting with some of our favorite users at these conferences and hearing how much they love our products!

The GECC Conference this year was no exception. Tyler Davis heads up our CAD product line and sees most of our CAD install projects from start to finish. He and Chelsea Morgan, the best trainer in the state, travel around from site to site spending weeks on site making sure that each agency and their users are making the most out of their new updated systems. They often get attached to our newest family members so they were really glad to see the teams from Crisp County 911, Colquitt County 911 and Harris County 911 just to name a few!

If you missed them in Columbus, make sure you stop by and get a "Chelsea Selfie" in April at the EMAG Conference in Savannah!

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