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Full Featured - Scalable

InterOp Jail Management offers a agencies the ability to manage all of their criminal, personnel, inmate, and property data in one location. No nickle-and-diming here, all modules are included as part of the InterOp JMS suite, such as:


  • Arrest Booking Process w/ Digital Mugshot

  • Interface allows your system to not only submit data to your livescan device, but also retrieve fingerprints, response messages, and charge information for later retrievalLiveScan Dual-Direction

  • Medical Screening

  • Inmate and Jail Property Tracking

  • Digital Signature Capture

  • Population Assignment Lookups

  • Inmate Classification

  • Victim Notification Tracking

  • Release Verification checks to make sure all cash, property, and bond requirements have been met as well as all Victims notified (or attempted) before allowing release.

  • Inmate Cash Tracking

  • Approved Prescriptions and Medication Disbursement Logging

  • Medical / EMS Call Logging

  • Inmate Movement / Activity Tracking includes facility and cell transfers, inmate activities, transport, and weekender logs.

  • Inmate Visitation and Approval allows your agency to approve visitors and run visitors through GCIC name checks. Integrated alert checking, sanction checks, and visitation policy checks.

  • Jail Incident Reporting includes Incident details, involved inmates, involved employees, attachments and narratives, interfaced to Jail Disciplinary module

  • Jail Disciplinary allows the tracking of disciplinary events for individual inmates, tracking charges, details, sanctions, and appeals

  • Inmate Release Management includes customization of rules for verifying release eligibility with integrated GCIC check for warrants.

  • Fleet Maintenance

  • Personnel & Training


  • SCAAP Reporting

  • Social Security Reporting

  • Badge/ID Card Manager

  • Global Narrative Search

  • Master Name Search w/ NCIC Check

  • Master Name Merge

PLUS all the great features of InterOp RMS
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