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Full Featured - Scalable

InterOp RMS offers a agencies the ability to manage all of their criminal, personnel,  and property data in one location. No nickle-and-diming here, all modules are included as part of the InterOp RMS suite.

Incident Reporting w/ NIBRS Classification, Photos, and Profiling, CLERY
Accident Reporting w/ Integrated Diagramming
Citations, Traffic and Non-traffic
Juvenile Complaint w/ JUV-96 Standard Output Format
Warrants w/ GCIC upload
Civil Process and Subpoena
Pawn Slips Tracking w/ GCIC upload
Sex Offender Management
Vehicle Impound
Use of Force
High Speed Pursuit

Intelligence / Suspect Tracking
Field Interview w/ images

Search Warrants

Photo Line-ups
Evidence Management w/ Barcoding, Inventory, and Chain of Custody
Live Crime Mapping: Analysis maps your agencies data gathered through other involvements

Data sharing with neighboring InterOp Agencies

Fleet Maintenance
Personnel & Training
Monthly UCR Submittal w/ FTP
SCAAP Reporting
Social Security Reporting
Badge/ID Card Manager
Global Narrative Search
Master Name Search w/ GCIC Check
Master Name Merge


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