Applicant / Criminal Processing

  • Easy capture of both criminal and civil applicant data and fingerprints used for electronic submission to the FBI

  • Capable of importing/exporting demographic data from a local Jail Management System

  • Will receive and archive identity responses and electronic rapsheets on fingerprint transactions to both GBI AFIS and FBI’s Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (IAFIS)

  • User friendly demographic data input forms

  • Easy capturing process for rolled prints

  • Capable of submitting and receiving data securely over the Internet to GBI using Synergistic Software’s WebTechnology submission software

  • Lightweight and completely portable


  • Laptop or PC, ten print Scanner, and All State-Certified software (printer stand not included)

  • Ruggedized cabinet enclosure with LCD panel monitor and integrated foot switches

  • Support hardware for connectivity and power failure protection

  • WebTechnology software, so you won’t have to procure expensive circuits costing thousands per year.


  • Touch screen monitor

  • Signature Pad

  • Fingerprint printer, duplex or simplex

  • Standard or customized software for interfacing with other local systems (RMS or AFIS)

  • Digital Image Capture System for Facial Images and Scars, Marks, and Tattoos (cabinet camera mount optional)

  • Mental Health Check Interface - Built Specially for Probate Courts, this component Interfaces with our Criminet Product to automatically run your Mental Health Checks when issuing Firearm Permits


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