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An IoT Visualization Platform for Real Time Situational Awareness & Location Intelligence

SSI is proud to be a Live Earth sales partner, connecting your real time InterOp data to the world's fastest live map!

Live Earth is a Real Time visualization platform that connects data streams from various systems, sensors, vehicles and video, providing one operation view.  Its unique and interactive features like, play, pause and rewind, instant alerts and out of the box integrations are intuitive and easy to use.  


Originally developed for military use, Live Earth is trusted to manage complex and critical operations.  The platform is CJIS ready and SOC II Compliant and designed to protect sensitive information.  Live Earth is a trusted solution for top public safety and physical security organizations providing critical information and proactively helping solve real time problems that require a combined operations view.  

Live Earth offers a single, interactive map that allows LEA's to visualize every relevant piece of criminal investigation in real-time.  The cloud based platform enables command centers to seamlessly fuse data from multiple sources like:

InterOp CAD

Shot Detection alerts

Police Surveillance Cameras

DOT Traffic Cameras

Private Security Cameras

Real-Time weather and traffic alerts

Building Schematics

Social Media Feeds


In critical incidents, the Live Earth platform, integrated with InterOp CAD enables the operations center to quickly and effectively coordinate all of the resources necessary to save lives.  Staff can track emergency response units while pulling video feeds from surveillance cameras.  

Curious how it works?  Check out this video from Live Earth.

Live Earth is a powerful tool perfect for law enforcement, schools and public venue security where public safety is crucial.  Contact us today to learn more about using Live Earth to help keep your community safe.

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