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A Truly Integrated Mobile Solution Tailored for Officers

  • Seamless NCIC Access, telescoping queries

  • CJIS encryption and advanced authentication compliant

  • AVL / Real-time unit mapping with GPS and street data. Map sources can be GIS files or web maps.

  • Non-web based User Chat

  • Offline and Online capabilities

  • Fastest E-Ticket solution anywhere, period. Instant data population from GCIC, scanned ID, etc.

  • Interface to local court system

  • Full reporting suite, Incident, Accident, Impound, Trespass, Ticket, Field Interview, Juvenile, Arrest, and more...

  • Automatic RMS name queries from NCIC/GCIC queries

  • NCIC/GCIC Hit Alert Broadcast to all units

  • User customized dashboards for reporting, shift overviews, etc.

  • Multi-agency name and vehicle data searches

  • FULLY and SEAMLESSLY integrated with InterOp CAD and InterOp RMS.

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