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InterOp RMS / Jail Management offers a agencies the ability to manage all of their criminal, personnel, inmate, and property data in one location. No nickle-and-diming here, all modules are included as part of the InterOp RMS suite.

Incident Reporting w/ NIBRS Classification, Photos, and Profiling, CLERY
Accident Reporting w/ Integrated Diagramming
Citations, Traffic and Non-traffic
Juvenile Complaint w/ JUV-96 Standard Output Format
Warrants w/ GCIC upload
Civil Process and Subpoena
Pawn Slips Tracking w/ GCIC upload
Sex Offender Management
Vehicle Impound
Use of Force
High Speed Pursuit

Intelligence / Suspect Tracking
Field Interview w/ images

Search Warrants

Photo Line-ups
Evidence Management w/ Barcoding, Inventory, and Chain of Custody
Live Crime Mapping: Analysis maps your agencies data gathered through other involvements

Data sharing with neighboring InterOp Agencies

Fleet Maintenance
Personnel & Training
Monthly UCR Submittal w/ FTP
SCAAP Reporting
Social Security Reporting
Badge/ID Card Manager
Global Narrative Search
Master Name Search w/ GCIC Check
Master Name Merge

Arrest Booking Process w/ Digital Mugshot
Dual-Direction LiveScan Interface allows your system to not only submit data to your livescan device, but also retrieve fingerprints, response messages, and charge information for later retrieval
Medical Screening
Inmate and Jail Property Tracking
Digital Signature Capture
Population Assignment Lookups
Inmate Classification
Victim Notification Tracking
Release Verification checks to make sure all cash, property, and bond requirements have been met as well as all Victims notified (or attempted) before allowing release.
Inmate Cash Tracking
Approved Prescriptions and Medication Disbursement Logging
Medical / EMS Call Logging
Inmate Movement / Activity Tracking includes facility and cell transfers, inmate activities, transport, and weekender logs.
Inmate Visitation and Approval allows your agency to approve visitors and run visitors through GCIC name checks. Integrated alert checking, sanction checks, and visitation policy checks.
Jail Incident Reporting includes Incident details, involved inmates, involved employees, attachments and narratives, interfaced to Jail Disciplinary module
Jail Disciplinary allows the tracking of disciplinary events for individual inmates, tracking charges, details, sanctions, and appeals
Inmate Release Management includes customization of rules for verifying release eligibility with integrated GCIC check for warrants.



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